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6 Week Transformation Program
Free your inner Shero and live the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and kiss your wild and unleashed self awake?


No more waiting.
Your life needs you – NOW!

Tap into the energy of your inner Shero and transform your life.
How would it feel to be totally safe in this world?


Learn how to connect with your inner security and be free to do whatever your heart calls you to do.

How would it feel to wake up in a life where you are abundant in all areas?


Learn how to align with your dreams and create miracles everywhere you go.

Are you ready to play the main role in the movie called Life?


Connect with your inner Shero and rock your time here on this planet to the max.

Would you like to know what this life has in store for you?


Define your vision and start walking towards your dream, enjoying every step along the way as you harvest miracles and surprises, and find happiness NOW.

How would it feel to know that you can’t do anything wrong and that everything in life happens FOR you (and not against you)?


Learn how to build your trust muscle and see how life will conspire to help you live your dreams!

Are you sick and tired of playing small?


Watch the world shift when you align with your true values, and let abundance flow to you.

Reclaiming the power over your life by becoming the Shero you actually are
Defining your core desired feelings and living a rich and fulfilled life – each and every day
Finding an inner stability on which you can rely
Inviting miracles galore, then celebrating their appearance
Freeing your inner Shero and standing up for your desires
Finding fulfillment in all areas of your life
Discovering true Sisterhood and connection (yes, even online!)
Defining and celebrating your own worth
Falling deeply and madly in Love with yourself
What you get and how it works
The 6 week transformation program consists of these pillars:
The Online SheroCourse, containing 27 video lessons with the best insights and most practical tools I’ve brought together from teachers all around the world


You can work on them 24/7, without time constraints and with lifelong access.

Weekly live calls plus two bonus calls


Get all your questions answered and meet your Co-Sheroes, then create magic together.

Personal contact with me and access to all my knowing


Ask me anything you want – I’m there for you in the group or in private messages/emails.

Access to the private VIP Shero Facebook group, where we share, celebrate – and will have the most amazing time together


This group will remain even when the course is over. You can keep on playing and creating together – and I’ll show you how!

Weekly challenges in the group that are rich, yet fun


These challenges are extremely powerful! Be prepared for massive breakthroughs.



Learn how to effectively co-create with a SheroSister and witness how you’ll fly together. Side effect: deep, lifelong friendship(s).

The opportunity to co-create exactly the content you need


There’s always an opportunity to change course and adapt to the group’s needs.

My full attention


The groups are very small (no more than 10 Sheroes can join!). I really choose each and every Shero personally and hold a very close eye on the group’s energy. We get to know each other intimately in a way that’s simply not possible in a larger group.

Kiss your true Essence alive
and become the woman you actually are.


Questions at minute:


00:08: What were your biggest concerns before joining the “Sheroes” program?


01:57: Was it worth the time and money investment?


03:52: How much time did you invest daily/weekly?


06:30: What was your biggest breakthrough or insight?


10:15: What makes the “Sheroes” special?


11:28: How was it to work online?


12:40: Would you recommend the “Sheroes”?


13:03: Is there anything else you would like to share?

This program is for you if:
You’re ready to take full responsibility for your happiness and life
You’re ready to embrace positive change in your life
You want to create miracles
You love to connect with like-minded women and want to be part of creating a beautiful sisterhood
You’re ready to fall madly and deeply in Love with yourself and your life
You’re ready to take over the leading role and be the Shero of your life
You’re a CHANGE-MAKER, a woman aware of your life’s worth and the knowledge that you’re here to make a difference
This program is NOT for you if:
You think I’m going to solve all your problems (I’m going to show you how you can do that on your own!)
You blame other people for what isn’t working in your life
You’re not ready to connect with people online
You think you already know everything and aren’t open to new ways or to a new approach to something familiar
You’re okay with being miserable
Words of    SHEROES    

  • When I think back to where I started and where I am standing now, I see that my life has drastically changed. In the beginning, I felt a certain heaviness - and now over these 6 weeks, I've had so many insights that I now feel so much happier. The private Facebook group is a great support and I don’t get only to hear one answer – like in private coaching – but so many different opinions, which is very precious. And hey – I just started out. This program is so much longer than "just" six weeks.

    Simone – BellyDancing Shero
  • I've always felt that I wanted more from life. I also saw and felt that I am different from most other people in many aspects. In Priska’s Sheroes program I quickly learned that it is not only okay to be different, but absolutely right and great. Everyone is different, each person is unique and that makes the world such an exciting place. I've learned to listen to myself more and to trust my feelings. My intuition - or in other words - my inner heroine, knows what she needs.
    The system of the Alignment Sister makes this program. I immediately felt a unique connection with mine. We are so much alike; she understands me and is always there for me. I'm glad I started the way of the Shero and am excited to see what's still there for me to uncover. I just have been warming up.
    Rahel – Big-hearted TravelingShero
  • It’s so wonderful to experience how the world changes when you change yourself. Starting to focus on the positive – and not on the negative, as usual – has truly flipped my life. Even though the world has not actually changed, everything seems to be different.
    So many things literally just came flowing into my life: I got compliments galore, smiling faces, the contract of my dream apartment in the mountains, open conversations with many different people - and above all so many insights about myself. I am so incredibly happy about this newly gained peace and trust in myself – just built up in this short amount of time.
    The incredibly open conversations with Priska and the other Sheroes in the private Facebook group were so wonderful. This group became an answering diary, which I wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world after these six weeks. I am so happy that I joined the program after some concerns about money and time in the beginning, and that I decided to walk the path of the Shero. For the support I received in those first steps, I am so wholeheartedly grateful for Priska.
    Martina – Shero and ManifestationQueen
Grow roots and start to fly!


If you’re ready to uplevel your life in all areas imaginable, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll learn how to grow roots and wings at the same time.


Only when you feel safe in yourself will you dare to fly high and live up to your boldest dreams.


It’s my heart’s wish that you uncover your true powers and truly be the Shero who’s actually living inside of you.

I see you standing strong in your beliefs, and communicating your needs and wants with a loud, clear voice (even when your knees are shaking). I see you feeling so safe and connected to yourself and your sisters that Love, Truth and Freedom flow to you in AbunDANCE.

Lifetime access to my SheroCourse – wherever you are and whenever you want, the SheroPower is at your fingertips

Lifetime access to your VIP Shero Facebook group, where you can continue creating miracles

6 weekly calls via Zoom to connect and to create (plus 2 BonusCalls)

My full engagement and access to all my knowledge during these 6 weeks

The best and most practical tools I gathered on my decades-long SheroesJourney, from teachers all over the world – and myself

Match-up with a SheroSister and miracle-creating tools

A safe and non-judgmental space to explore and create

True Sisterhood and the manifesting powers of a group filled with Sheroes (priceless!)

Words of    SHEROES    

  • Through this program with Priska and the other women, I learned to embrace myself even more fully and I am not afraid of what people could think of me. I know now that I am born to shine and to follow my way. And above all, I realized that I have it ALL in me. Everything I need or ever will need. What a gift.
    Sonja Isabelle – Model, Entrepreneur and Midwife
  • In the last 6 weeks, I have learned to look more consciously into myself and I realized - that I have changed ... I see the outside world with new eyes and receive feedback like: "you're somehow different!" This makes me happy.
    I have newfound confidence in myself through you and your program!
    And I want to thank you for that. With all my heart. It is so great to have someone listening to you, encouraging you and taking you as you are. Somebody who celebrated me, who showed me that I am important.
    Karima Guindehi – Shero and BookLover
  • I remember very well when first reading of Priska's program.
    I was stuck and constantly depressed. Always worrying about what others could think about me when I would show up with all my visions and dreams and my true self.
    I was so fed up with playing small.
    Through this incredible coaching with Priska and the connection with all the amazing women on their journey, I learned how to feel the fear and to do it anyway. I felt like I literally moved mountains. Fears to which I'd kept holding onto for years just … disappeared.
    In these 6 weeks, I found my inner Shero, who I nurture now each and every day! I am so proud and grateful!
    Andrea Löffler – Therapist, Singer and Heart ❤ Way-Coach
Normal Price: € 4’500
Special Price: € 2’940
Pay in Full
€ 2’940
(payment due before the program begins)
Pay Monthly
€ 760 x 4 rates
(first payment due before the program begins, the next 3 payments due in the months following)
Payment will take place AFTER the first free discovery call with me
and after both parties agree to work together in the Sheroes program.
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Questions at minute:


00:08: What were your biggest concerns before joining the “Sheroes” program?


02:18: Was it worth the time and money investment?


07:36: How much time did you invest daily/weekly?


13:22: What was your biggest breakthrough or insight?


22:17: What makes the “Sheroes” special?


24:27: How was it to work online?


25:12: Would you recommend the “Sheroes”?


25:37: Is there anything else you would like to share?

You can activate the English subtitles
It’s my heart’s wish that you uncover your true powers and truly be the Shero who’s actually living inside of you.
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Kiss your true Essence alive and become the woman you actually are.
About me

Today I feel so happy, free, safe and confident in and about myself and my life – but this was definitely not always the case.


Born and raised in a little village near Berne in beautiful Switzerland, I always felt different from everyone else. I knew I had a special task on this planet. After graduating from university as a teacher, I followed my big dream of becoming an actress and traveled the country as an artist for several years.


Expressing the whole palette of emotions and slipping into someone else’s skin came very easily to me.


But at one point my body couldn’t cope anymore. I had an eating disorder and panic attacks, was very close to a diagnosed burnout and–the cherry on the pie–my boyfriend left me.



I felt like was hitting the rock bottom of my existence.



And there, as I lay on the kitchen floor, my turning point happened:


I decided to become my very own Indiana Jane and find the holy grail of Love, Truth, Freedom and happiness – no matter what.


And, well – this experience (and many more) shaped me to become the free woman I am today.

Professional Bio


Priska Helena Baumann studied Pedagogy at the University of Bern, planning to teach pre-and primary schoolchildren. She then graduated from the European Film Actor School and worked as an actress throughout Switzerland.


After several recurring breakdowns and crises in her life, she started to walk her path of self-development. She has studied and intensively practiced various alternative and spiritual healing methods, and graduated as a life-, soul- and spiritcoach ECA in 2012.


Since then, she has worked as a teacher in a coaching academy and has led many seminars and workshops.
After falling in Love with her Dutch man, she left her life in Switzerland and moved to the Netherlands in April of 2016.


Today she works with women online and supports them in creating authentic, self-empowered lives of purpose, Freedom, Truth and happiness.

What    SHEROES    have to say:

  • After meeting Priska over Facebook and liking what she did, I booked a coaching - and she invited me after this into her private Facebook group. What Priska created there impressed me massively and I grew into my own power.
    When I first heard of the Sheroes – Women of Freedom program I totally knew that I had to join.
    It has been the best decision ever. I found my way back to myself. And my expectations of personal growth were surpassed in all kinds of ways.
    Priska has an incredibly warm, heartful, empathic way of seeing people, being non-judgmental and explaining everything in a way that made me feel very safe.
    She shared with us all her experiences and wisdom--it's like an all-you-can-eat buffet for the soul.
    Through this and by the support of Priska and the group, I was able to go to my deepest depths, to look into my pain, the old wounds and clear out my soul. There were so many wonderful, wonderful moments and insights. And at the same time, we laughed tears of laughter! But yes, it also hurt.
    It was not easy to declutter all my wounds and to feel the old pain again in my soul's cellar - but I found myself through exactly this.
    I was allowed to realize that I am good as I am. And I was allowed to learn to accept myself with everything that I am and to be proud of it.
    My biggest breakthrough: I can honestly like myself exactly the way I am. For me, this is a huge step, as my life was determined by self-hatred.
    With Priska's help, I was able to finally realize where these feelings came from so that I could heal and transform!
    I have grown through the program so massively and expanded my comfort zone to new heights; I have dropped my walls, learned to love and live.
    (And the icing on the cake: it always goes on and on!)
    Thank you, Priska!
    Lea – Shero and AnimalLover
  • The SheroProgram enriched my life massively.
    It opened my eyes and showed me the essence of what truly matters to me. It supports me in fully living my truth.
    Thank you so much, Priska. I am darn proud to be a Shero and to walk this path together with incredibly beautiful women.
    Iris Grütter – YogaTeacher and LifeArtist
  • I realized in the Sheroes program that I am NOT too loud, I'm not too quiet, I'm not too tense. Yes, I'm loud - sometimes, I can be quiet - not as often; I'm demanding, but also giving... all of this is true, I'm okay as I am because I am as I am - authentically myself. ❤
    I learned in the program that I can also walk the path of the Shero as a mom of three! And since I'm living up to this, my three girls are growing up to be three junior Sheroes. How cool is this? ❤
    Thanks for the awakening, dear Priska.
    Catherine – Heartful SheroMum
The final invitation


After only two rounds of leading my Sheroes program, I’ve witnessed women creating miracles. We’ve manifested clients, job opportunities, a new homing situation, better health, Love, self-worth, self-Love, money, and so much enhanced happiness, appreciation, sisterhood, breakthroughs and insights that I seriously stopped counting.


The question is: Are you ready to level up and soar with us?